Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Too Many Romance Movies

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships lately.

The movies and the media are filled with portraits of fairy tales, these make-shift, perfect love stories – of perfect relationships that always work out perfectly in the end. 

And teenage girls, we eat this shit up. 

It’s like all we see is that perfect relationship with that perfect guy, and we want it. We need it. We dream about it. We crave it. 

But… in the end, no relationship is perfect.   

Most of us grow up being told that there is someone out there for everyone. And, of course, we believe it. Even if we’re not told it, we believe it. It’s because we all want to have someone to be there for us no matter what. We all want to be happy. We all want our own fairy tales to tell.
We feed on visions of perfect relationships only to eventually realize that all of those movies are complete bull shit. There are going to be problems. People are going to get hurt. Promises will be broken. And trust will be lost. 

The strongest relationships are the ones where people are willing to put their differences aside and realize that they care about the other person too much to let them go. 

I mean, isn’t that the problem these days? Nobody wants to work it out anymore. Once a problem arises, they end it. They get divorced. They give up. Instead of trying to work out their problems and fix their relationship, it’s just easier to let go. As divorce rates rise higher and higher, marriage becomes a fluke. Suddenly, here we are living in a society where getting divorced seems as normal as cutting out paper snowflakes during the holidays. It’s pretty sickening if you ask me. 

In just two days, I’ll be on a plane to London. Sadly, I’m leaving behind my wonderful boyfriend, Bo. If he loves me as much as he says he does (and I know he does), he’ll be right here waiting for me when I get back. We’ve been through a lot together – plenty of fights, plenty of heartaches, but none of that matters when you really get down to it. The fact of the matter is that we both love each other and we both care about each other. I don’t see why we can’t make our relationship work out even if I am going to be gone for five months. Maybe this is the ultimate test. (I do love a challenge!) If we can survive this, we can survive anything.

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