Friday, December 14, 2012

Money Matters

Well, guys. Today is my last day of fall semester classes. Finals start next week, and I’ll finally have a little break after December 21st. Then it’s Christmas. I’m hoping to spend some time with my family before I leave.

I got an e-mail a few days ago from Westminster. I got accepted into one of their residence halls! There goes another $400 down payment. I hate to start worrying about money, but it’s kind of important seeing that I’m going to be gone for so long. I can go a few days without eating, but I can’t go five months! *Laughs* By the looks of my budget sheet, I’ll spend around $14,000 on this trip alone. On top of that, I’ve been denied financial aid for the class I signed up for during WinTerm (Winter Term). I can’t even take out a loan because I’ve reached my max in loans for the year. I’m not eligible for any more aid until my home university’s spring semester starts in February. Oh, the joys of going to college. 

I always knew I wanted to go to college. I went straight out of high school. I wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. I thought that as soon as I had that degree in my hand, my goal would be accomplished. College, however, is a lot more expensive than I ever imagined. Now I’ve decided to study abroad, and that’s going to cost me even more money. Sometimes I think that I should just not go. I should save my money, and look for an internship so I can graduate on time. I should stay so I’ll be here when my best friend has her baby in February. I should stay so I can see my brother graduate in May. 

Lately, I’ve just been trying to decide if this trip to London is really worth $14,000. It’s only money, right? I can always make more.

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